Fintech & new economy

New Economy Social Innovation forum explored insights from the challenges faced for the functions of money amid technological advancements? Is money an end or a means? During the forum, a focused tract was dedicated to create a dialogue for change, in which speakers shared their

Bringing the voice of the citizen into finance  Listen to the full audio podcast with Marcos Eguiguren, Executive Director of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values. The banking sector all over the world are facing a major issue of becoming focused on short-term profit maximization, that does not pay enough attention

NESI: Looking forward

The New Economy and Social Innovation Forum closes its first international event held in Malaga, Spain in April 2017 with 94 proposals to build a fairer and more ethical economic system. Over 700 people from 43 countries participated in this international event Local institutions committed

Post 21st century societies –

What will be our world by 2030? Post 21st century a lot of individuals, communities and networks are working and building a great world for all of us together, that puts people before any materialistic, technological or cultural priority. At NESI Forum, some of the

What is New about the “New Economy”

Going forward 2017, when the purpose of our economic relation is to serve people and the planet, that is the “new” thing behind the term ‘new economy’. “The new economy that the world needs is based not only on technology but on values, “, which calls for

NESI: Global Hub for the Common Good  Listen to the full audio podcast with Diego Isabel La Moneda: Director New Economy & Social Innovation Global Forum (NESI). Greater CPH Post had the pleasure to talk with the Director New Economy & Social Innovation Global Forum (NESI), Diego Isabel La Moneda at