Invest in Greater Copenhagen

With the start of year 2016 the municipalities from Greater Copenhagen and Southern Swedish cities are working hard to market the region for international and national investors for green technologies, future of smart cities and balancing of quality life standards.

The development of  Investor’s Portal Greater Copenhagen Investments was launched at real estate conference, MIPIM in March 2015. It is a portal that provides a comprehensive overview of investment opportunities in urban development and construction projects throughout the Greater Copenhagen.

Greater Copenhagen Investments stem partly from a portal Copenhagen Council and Malmö jointly made to present the two cities’ urban areas with their specific investment opportunities, for example, Fehmarn Belt Development made of large construction projects to attract players in the construction sector – contractors, advisers, etc.

Working with investor portal

Copenhagen Capacity has been tasked to develop and operate the portal Greater Copenhagen Investments.

Main activities in 2015

Development and publication of the portal.
Ensure full coverage of the Greater Copenhagen area, so there is a wide range of areas of urban development and construction projects presented on the portal.
Clarification on possible Skåne participation on the portal.
Development of new content and new features to the portal.
Internal and external marketing portal, making it an effective marketing tool.

How can municipalities use investor portal?

The process at identifying investment opportunities for international actors can help to sharpen the individual municipalities focus on how they can market themselves in relation to other municipalities, and which target groups that are most interesting for it.

Using the portal gets Copenhagen Capacity knowledge of the individual municipality areas and opportunities and can use it in its efforts to attract international investment. This makes the individual municipalities and opportunities part of an overall international and active marketing.