DreamHack in Malmö 2016

DreamHack is proud to announce the first edition of DreamHack Masters, a world class tournament in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive featuring 16 top tier teams competing for $250,000 in prizes. The competition will feature the top-8 playoffs on the 16-17th of April in Malmö Arena.

“We are extremely proud to introduce DreamHack Masters in Malmö, to offer both Swedish and Danish fans the first dedicated stadium experience for Counter Strike:GO,” said Tomas Lyckedal, Business Development Director at Dreamhack “We’re looking to beat the production quality of DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca, which was our most successful Counter Strike:GO event ever.

The visitor experience will be spectacular and we expect millions of fans to tune in online.”

DreamHack Masters is the ultimate experience for esports fans where they can watch their favorite professional players play on a massive stage. DreamHack Masters is our new esports championship dedicated for Stadium and large-scale Arena events.

More information about DreamHack and DreamHack Masters is available at masters.dreamhack.com

Tickets are available from the 14th of January.