1700 futurists from Greater Copenhagen gathers @Opera House #TECHBBQ

For the fourth consecutive year TechBBQ summit takes place in Copenhagen. It is the annual gathering for the entrepreneurship community of Denmark and Greater Copenhagen.

TechBBQ cultivate the basis for network and knowledge sharing and celebrate success both Danish and international, in order to create and motivate more Scale ups, while showcasing the Danish potential to the world.

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Some of the highlights from the event

World premiere of Spiri at TechBBQ in the Opera House :

The new Danish startup, Spiri, Søren, Co-founder & Board Member, and Stefan, CEO & Co-founder showcased their prototype of changing transportation as “no one has to buy another car ever”.

Startup Festival is great business from Denmark
This year TechBBQ, the largest tech summit in Denmark, is attracting 70% more attendees and partners than last year. This fast-growing following is because TechBBQ is meeting the need for a tech summit in Copenhagen that strengthens and increases the startups’ business opportunities

Profile: Entrepreneurial duo wants to boost Danish businesses: Troels Jørgensen and Avnit Singh
The entrpreneurs Troels Jørgensen and Avnit Singh have put their own businesses on standby and are working in trashed offices in Sydhavn, because they want to solve the Gordian knot that is growing Danish businesses and putting Copenhagen in the driver’s seat as the new innovation and startup hub of Europe! The first step is taken with establishing and executing TechBBQ at the Opera House on September 20th – a new summit concept that is succesful internationally by adding growth to businesses.

Speaking to Business Insider Nordics, Troels and Avnit told their plans about TECHBBQ growth, and they can proudly boast that it’s the first time that the TechBBQ will have a truly international focus.  “Since the event was sold out, many big names within venture capital have appealed to be squeezed in. “For example, Google Ventures called and said ‘Guys we booked our flight, but we forgot to buy tickets,’” Troels relates”.

Danes are launching the world’s fasted produced electric high-end motorcycle: CEO Jesper Vind
After a year and a half’s intensive development the team behind Future Electric are ready to show the world it’s new electric motorcycle. Not only is it gorgeours to look at and going to be fast, really fast, you’ll be able to control the motorcycle with an app.
Virtual Reality lends bedridden patients wings
Khora VR is the world’s leading Virtual Reality store, where innovators can learn to utilise VR and better explore the potentials by ie. creating new sensory-based content to the health sector, where patients lacking mobility can be offered visual experiences “like being there themselves”, for instance a visit to the beach or personal places. Khora VR is demonstrating the craziest that VR can technically offer today.

CEO Claus Lønborg, CopCap – and representative from Khora VR
New sound tech relieves pain: Pacini Medico is a ground-breaking new Danish solution that significantly reduce pain levels using sound rather than medical drugs.

New Danish 3D camera can take over world-renowned brands
Three Danish entrepreneurs have developed a 3D camera that they will present for the first time at TechBBQ. Their clear goal is to surpass great brands like Nokia, Canon and Nikon.