Norway from the eyes of a Pakistani Expat living in Denmark

Oslo city reflects the beauty and sophistication of Norway like no other European city or in any other continent. The start of a young Pakistani boy’s journey in search of better life, noble actions and great achievements begin from a small capital city of Norway – Scandinavia’s richest country.   As one of the famous poets from Sub-continent “Munir Niazi” expressed about the journey of new love,

                                                         یہی اصل حقیقت ہے          کہ میری بے رخی چاہت

                                                         ہوئی مثل قفس مجھ کو،   مجھے تم سے محبت ہے

                                                          بس اتنی بات کہنے میں     لگے بارہ برس مجھ کو


That is the reality,         My apathy love

That I became so fond of you,      that I love you

Just so much to say,       though it took  me twelve years to realize it


Written by Ramzan Rafique

It took me seven years to express such love for the place I had been that offered me so much. I had the opportunity to see dozens of times in the seven years this great city of Norway, Oslo. One of the blessings was that my older brother, a medical doctor in a suburb of Oslo had been living there for over ten years so I had help around me to explore and learn about the people, the culture and much more about Norway.

Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world. The budget for  traveling four days to visit Prague is same as a one way fixed tickets to Central Station from the airport in Oslo. And If you come to the central area of Oslo City by taxi, it would be equal to the one month salary of a laborer in Pakistan amounting to 12 to 15 thousand Pakistan rupees.

But thanks to my older brother and some good friends, who have kept my budget low while enjoying this expensive country. Being a younger brother has some benefits as I was pampered with gifts on my way back from Oslo.

In my trip to this city, I have met a large number of Pakistanis living in Oslo, who all seems to have come from the upper part of Pakistan. Texts written in the local shops, halal meat shops, Pakistani fashion shops, Indian restaurants, Indian sweet shops, Lahori breakfast, homemade condiments and food market, were all those sights that made me feel like home in the streets of Oslo.

The openness and freedom for anyone to practice their faith in Oslo was a great sight to see. As on  Friday, the mosque of Oslo, where Pakistanis come in large numbers to offer their prayers and sharing their culture in urdu language was something I had not anticipated when I first arrived here.

Oslo Opera House

This beautiful building made of white marble, in the words of a famous architect, the building seems not to litter the ground. The white building is designed like a white iceberg known part of the ocean because of the sea. Weather conditions, particularly the iceberg in this elegant building in the winter seems to be more apparent.

Another feature of this building is that it has been not made a ladder to reach the roof, but just building a manner that will reach the stairs climbed the roof, the same thing It gives the whole building an interesting and unique view from far away.

At the Opera House, various artists have often performed concerts. Te building provides a spectacular beauty of its interior architecture and the resonance. The building was built in order to demonstrate the art of the artists, which the building provides it at best, making an art in its own.

Modernity of Oslo city

Oslo has changed considerably in the past seven years. High buildings in Oslo are propping up very fast. Many of these buildings are seen from the hill of ayky Berg, which does not block the view of small buildings. Therefore from this hill one can see the entire city that is overlooking the ocean from far away.

Ayky Petersburg fort and surrounding area

Ayky area need an entire  day to see the Berg Castle. This fort was built in 1290 to build stone walls, the history and progress around the town are very fascinating for the tourists and is one of the corner stone heritage for the locals. It symbolizes many great values from the time of vikings till the independence of Norway four hundred years ago.

If you go to the castle, the Opera House, the whole coast is full of lovely restaurants. During summer it is a great place to visit where many people come visit here. However, I had visited this place during December that had few tourists and locals but the sight and peace was something that makes the trip worth a journey.

Town Hall and Nobel Peace Center

In most cities of Europe, at the center their is a town hall. Oslo completed its Town Hall Building in 1950, which among many other occasions hosts the events of the Nobel prize for the peace held on December 10, that are attended by guests who are members of dignitaries from around the world and Norway’s royal family.

Large iron sculptures have been installed on buildings that reflect the history of the past linked to Norway. The town hall of the old railway station building by the front ayky Petersburg shopping area has been converted into a museum. Which was named after the Nobel Peace Center. The museum records has been set up that records the history of the Nobel Prize winners.

People get aware of the Nobel Prize winner’s story via interactive technology. The center is secure, and conduct organized seminars on the culture of war. In addition, various aspects of Nobel Prize founder Alfred Nobel’s life is also highlighted. The building is a good example of an attractive profit to a location, where the impression of a Nobel prize for tourism in the country has created an oasis for keeping tourists in mind. At some distance from the Town Hall, the Norwegian Parliament building is located. The building opened on 5 March 1866. Tourists and travelers can overlook many such old beautiful buildings along side small streets giving it a mix feeling of past, present and advancement of human civilization.

Frugnr Park
The park is the center of attraction for the tourists that contains a high level of the most watched public statues, the park’s splendor and beauty of stone carved from the numerous statues which are very popular among the tourists for taking memorable pictures of their trip.

Art sculpture embodied forms of the human hand-carved smiles, desires and emotions. Two statues of the park is to see the world from a big picture.

Big duyy beaches and firm museum
As my host was showing me around the Viking Museum, he praised about the Big duyy coast. In December the weather is a cold experience to go to the beach, but looks beautiful in every color. Truthfully,if I had not been their I had surely missed a great sight of the city.

To understand the beauty of the sea shores is very profound and philosophical. Some people just seems to know it well as to how to make the best of the winter coast , it was a great  experience for me. However, some do not understand the silence and depth of these beaches. But still it leaves behind a little effect on their hearts, whose language is strange, but it makes one feel special.

The firm museum ship holds the artifacts that was discovered in the Arctic and Antarctic regions from 1893 to 1912 and has been kept there ever since. The museum has also been photographing various aspects of life around the polar region.