Co-create an “Impact-Kiosk” for the Global Goals

Together, “makers4humanity” unite enough open knowledge and creativity, decentral experience and interdisciplinary concepts, an universal humanitarian mindset and motivation and the technical tools to collaborate effectively on “glocal” actions.
This Challenge is about prototyping a co-creative tool, method and concept for a decentralized campaign to reach the UN-Sustainable Development Goals.

The m4h challenge #1:
“How to improve education, livelihood and resilience for individuals and communities in climate-change affected regions in India by providing access to ideas, tools and knowledge?!” (> read/download the Design Challenge)

Together with the “Learn-for-life” school for street children in Varanasi/India we host a 10-days maker-camp from 15.-25.1.2017 to co-create a prototype for the Impact-Kiosk. It will be based on a modified rikshaw and should be equipped for modular capabilities.