Knowing cities within Skåne

Skåne has many smaller towns, which individually and overall, hides a myriad of attractions and sights. Skåne cities has a lot to offer, and has everything from quaint little streets to modern shopping centers – and so it is natural to take advantage of the low Swedish krona to shop.

Skåne county, Sweden’s southern most county which is border with Denmark has many cities, and they are close to each other in a country where things otherwise have space to spread out. It makes Skåne easy to travel by both car and train.

The Skåne cities cherish a strong story in association with Denmark that had invaded this region in the past. The rich history does not prevent Skåne cities to be modern and building future opportunities like no other city around the world.  In addition, together with the safe and quick transportation system, makes Skåne also ideal for small vacations and day trips. Many cities are just a train ride or a few hours by car from Copenhagen.

Below is a list of Skåne exciting cities and towns.


Malmö is Skåne’s largest city. It is a multi-ethnic city where many cultures meet in a melting pot. Here’s shopping, culture, sport and gastronomy, and with the Oresund Bridge, only a train away.


Ängelholm is a holiday village with idyllic scenery and sandy beach. There are several museums, a park with a zoo and a giant playground. It’s easy to find a hotel or other accommodation.

This medium-sized city was founded in 1516 by Danish King Christian II and was through both the 1500s and 1600s often battlefield when the Swede and the Dane clashed.


Bastad is located only 55 km from Helsingborg, with Hallandsås to the south and the sea to the north. Bastad has more child-friendly beaches and has over the past two hundred years has been known far and wide as bathing and spa town.

Tennis Tournament Swedish Open is held every year in June, and the entire city celebrations when the international tennis world occupies Bastad.


In Bromölla it is not crazy to go on dinosaur-fossil hunting. It is the place in the Nordic countries, which are the best chances to feel a little nap from the otherwise extinct animals. The area offers through a great variety of experiences. For example, there is good fishing in Skåne’s largest lake, Ivösjön. And Skräbeån, which connects Ivösjön with the sea, besides trout also a rich salmon population.


Eslöv, with its many train and bus an ideal base for exploring Skåne, but there are of course other things to see in Eslöv too.

Stenberget is a pyramidal monument, which was erected in 1900 by Christian E. Nile, which is also referred to as Eslövskungen . You can also admire the interiors of the community center , which in 2007 was awarded the EU’s Europa Nostra Award.


Helsingborg city



Helsingborg Skåne’s second largest city, and it is easy to get there. Both with Scandlines and the Öresund train lands in the middle of downtown.

Helsingborg is a charming market town with many shops, both international chains and small local shops. Helsingborg also has Sweden’s densest concentration of restaurants and lures with many excellent and award-winning restaurants.

Kärnan is Helsingborg’s medieval defense tower, with its elevated position in the middle of the city is a huge mood spreads. On Stortorget is a statue of Magnus Stenbock. Stone Bock is the only non-royal Swede who has been honored with an equestrian statue. He’s obviously been assigned the central square in the middle of Helsingborg for his heroism in the war with the dangerous Danes.


A sure hit is a visit to Skåne Zoo , the Nordic animal’s own park, with about 800 animals and 85 different species. And Bosjökloster Castle, Benedictine from 1080-1536, with its location in the quiet countryside around Hoor also a popular visit.


Kristianstad is a beautiful old town with Danish ancestry, which is surrounded by beautiful Swedish countryside.

The city was founded by King Christian IV in 1614, and over the 40 years, the city was Danish, reached the founder really put his mark on the city with, among other Heliga trefaldighets kyrka, which are considered by many as Northern Europe’s most beautiful Renaissance church.


The town of Landskrona is in complete harmony with the beautiful views of the Sound deep blue water as it is also easy to get out and fish on. The city also offers several attractions, especially the distinctive, rødstenede citadel is a tour worthy.


Ven is easily reached from Landskrona all year round, and during the summer months is the cozy island also available from Copenhagen. It was here that Tycho Brahe made his observations, and the heritage is still an important part of the island, which has an underground observatory with interactive experiences that make Ven an experience for the whole family.


Lunds center resembles itself; medieval street grid is kept to a fraction of the original city wall. Many associate the Lund university that attracts students from all over Europe, but the Old Town also has shopping and good restaurants.

Cathedral in the city center was built in the 1100s and attest to its importance for medieval kingdoms – until the Reformation the cathedral was the center of Europe’s largest archdiocese.


It is easy to get to Osby, a single train from Copenhagen, and then you are promoting. In Osby are close to Snaphaner who played a central role in the Danish-Swedish war history. Here you can also get acquainted with a region that has a rich and vibrant cultural life, marked by many performers. And for children and childish souls is Brio Toy Museum, Lekoseum , just for that.


Trelleborg is Skåne’s southernmost town with a Viking fortress in the city center. The other four known Trelleborge located in Denmark. Trelleborg Museum has many interesting exhibits on just the Viking Age, but the museum also tells about the big settlement from the Stone Age hunter-east of the city.


The town lies at the railway between Hässleholm and Kristianstad, and Northeast of the village lies Gumlösa Kyrka , Scandinavia’s oldest brick church consecrated by Bishop Absalon in the 1192nd


Ystad is more than a ferry service. Stortorget is such Sct. Mariakyrkan, as it has done since the 13th century. A fun feature of Sct. Maria Kyrka , the kids will love, is the figure of a guard from the Middle Ages, as every fifteen minutes between 21:15 and 01:00 blowing in his nap. Ystad city center is a living outdoor museum. And among Ystad monumental buildings are also Franciscan Monastery and the Monastery Church Sct. Petri.