Greater Copenhagen 2020 Vision is a dream for expats to live and work

In 2020 the Greater Copenhagen envisions to be an international hub for investments and knowledge on a par with the most
successful metropolises in Europe. The partnership between Denmark and Sweden for 2020 created a significant economic
and employment growth in southern Scandinavia international metropolis – Greater Copenhagen.

Greater Copenhagen Global Visibility
In 2016, Greater Copenhagen global visibility and attractiveness for international investors, companies, talent and tourists. The local municipality under the name “Greater Cph” launches an international marketing for rolling out the brand Greater Copenhagen across municipalities organizations and businesses throughout the region.

Collaborations and interactions with the corporate promotion export and internationalization, which requires a
close cooperation with investment promotion agencies, companies and knowledge institutions in the Greater
Copenhagen are under way.

Strong international infrastructure
Greater Copenhagen is the connection between Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. A strong and well-developed infrastructure is vital for creating and attract growth. Enterprise growth is directly depending on the short journey times and efficient mobility, and an effective infrastructure increases the attraction and retention of foreign companies and talents.

In 2016, a regional and international infrastructure in Greater Copenhagen, helps support connect northern European countries closer with the rest of Europe and the world.

Attracting investors, tourists, businesses and talents
Greater Copenhagen-operation is already well in the process of creating common attractive environment for investors,
companies and talents. In 2016 the region’s focus on how the diversity in Greater Copenhagen via companies, knowledge institutions and the public sector can jointly develop the region’s strengths, and making sustainable growth to attract investors, companies and talents.

An integrated and sustainable growth region
A coherent labor market with high mobility across regions and countries are crucial to growth is growing and creating new
jobs. In many parts of the Greater Copenhagen several companies have difficulty getting obsessed vacancies with skilled labor, and they say no to orders. This means in the long term, to a major part of the production and knowledge development
going on elsewhere in the world.

The paradox is that there are unemployed with the right skills in other parts of the Greater Copenhagen. The region, therefore is supporting companies and citizens in the utilization of the recruitment and employment opportunities throughout the region. It is also important to enhance industry coordination and coordination of job centers across municipalities.

Joint strategic business initiatives
Greater Cph along with its partners establishes joint strategic business initiatives and projects that bind the region closer together and create more growth and jobs. One strategic business initiatives have already been in operation, in 2016, their maintenance and anchored in throughout Greater Copenhagen.

A manageable business system, is another focus the region is establishing. Today 46 municipalities on Zealand and in the capital and 33 municipalities in Skåne each their system and services for companies and entrepreneurs. Providing businesses in the region some of the world’s best conditions for innovation and growth, and conjoining the region’s many private and public business promoters.

Finally, work that the export and internationalization is more integrated into entrepreneurs and corporate DNA, and the possibilities of closer cooperation with universities and research institutions better utilized