DSB changes it’s mobile ticket types, making customers to buy new phone or pay extra

An additional cost of 240 kroner for every fifth trip or a new phone. That is the choice when purchasing tickets from DSB mobile app around Copenhagen and Greater Copenhagen region.

35-year-old Tine Pedersen, one of many passengers who faced this choice after the DSB has dropped the possibility that to buy a titursklippekort and other ticket types – reported by local press MX.

For example, passengers going from Vejle to Randers, and usually use a titurs-papklippekort, after 15 January, the reliable ticketing solution is longer possible to use. By contrast, customers use a digital version through DSB app.

However, general public having iPhone 4 or older phones that has an old phone operating system does not comply with DSB mobile app features, and therefore, passengers have to opt for other choice to buy single tickets, use travel card or invest in a new phone. Whatever the choice, it is an expensive one.

Senior Advisor at Passenger pulse, Asta Ostrowski, criticizes DSB to limit customers’ ability to buy cheaper tickets and thinks that togselskabets lack of support for older phones may be at odds with EU law.

– For many customers, this means that they have to buy a new phone. And EU passenger Regulation says that customers should be able to get tickets through the ‘generally available information technologies’. And I would say that an iPhone 4 can be described as a regular phone, which many Danes and other nationals have it on them. Local press MX reported.

Head of business development in DSB Ash Wieth-Knudsen is sorry that it hits customers with older phones, and takes like a dialogue with Passenger pulse.

– We believe that we are already providing ticketing solutions to the usual channels. We follow IT trends and ensure that our apps are updated, he says to MX.