Piss spirit of Danes killing the capital’s trees

In Copenhagen, peeing residents has gone so far that several large trees must be felled.

Outside Trinitatis in Copenhagen are two large mighty trees, but their fate is sealed because of urination Copenhageners. Namely the roots are damaged so that the trees must be felled. Kim Poulsen and his team sets off chain saws and soon it’s only a stump left.

РHere you can see how the tree has begun to rot, says Logger Kim Poulsen and pointing at the orange-colored stubble. The part that turns toward the scenic views is the most damaged.

It is not only here that the tree damaged by urine. Kim Poulsen believes that one sees damage to many trees around in Copenhagen and now forced to cut down more trees and replacing them with new ones.

– This has become a big problem that we have not seen before, says Kim Poulsen.

Tree trunks becomes toilets

He explains that the damage incurred to the trees have so little soil around their roots. When several liters of urine squalene down it becomes too concentrated because not enough rain water can dilute the urine. Kim Poulsen are upset that so many Copenhageners use tree trunks as a toilet.

– It is clear in the areas where there are celebrations or festivals, says Kim Poulsen.

Pours out the cat litter

Staff at Trinitatis have been aware of the problems and tried to scare away the toilet seekers individuals by strong lights.

Kresten Dahl, who works in the church, must daily pour cat litter to try to soak up urine. But now even he had defeated.

РIt is strange that we live in such a civilized society must act as if we had the animals to do, when there actually are people who act like this, he says, holding out a little more cat litter.