Sweden praised for equality in OECD’s latest report

OECD latest report on Sweden’s economic situation has a special focus on equality and gender equality. OECD expresses clear support for the Government’s fiscal policy. The report concludes that the economy is growing strongly due to an expanding labor force and rising investments.

OECD underlines that the Government is right in accommodating temporary immigration-related costs without compensating by implementing temporary tax increases or welfare cutbacks. The report states that, government should “continue to pursue a prudent fiscal policy, while accommodating temporary immigration-related spending to facilitate integration.”

The report finds that unemployment is falling although it is still relatively high for some vulnerable groups in the labor market. It states that the rise in income inequality we are seeing in Sweden needs to be contained, and proposes reforms in housing, wage subsidies and integration, along with a more systematic approach to upgrade social benefits.

Sweden scores higher than the OECD average on all sub-components of the OECD’s Better Life Index and stands out most clearly when it comes to environmental quality, health, civic engagement and governance, and work and life balance.