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10994673_10153125850488055_1556088172_nRestaurant 2 Night is a marketing and booking portal that offers discount on restaurant visits.  Contrary to all deal sites, with R2N you can freely choose from the whole menu, and also get a discount on drinks (discounts vary from 10-40 % depending on the restaurant).
With R2N the restaurants offer their tables based on availability.
“Majority of restaurants are rarely full, especially in the weekdays, during lunch, holidays etc. so why not give guests an incentive to dine out more often and save some money” says Karina Holmfred Sales & Marketing Manager of R2N.
She adds, “R2N helps restaurants with marketing, promoting and bringing more guests to the restaurants”. R2N focus in marketing efforts through  social media, newsletters, and their website and their mobile App. The users at their platforms discover new restaurants, read reviews, see the menu and pictures from the restaurant.
Mobile phones are fast becoming essential in our daily lives and changing social tradition. Discovering great restaurants used to be based on recommendations from friends, colleagues, today we use trusted webpages like Yelp or Tripadvisor. R2N also offer reviews of all their partner restaurants, so all you need today is your mobile to book, read reviews, see menu and pictures.
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R2N concept & History
R2N’s core concept is to offer empty restaurant tables based on availability and offering a discount on the whole bill. It is free to use R2N.
Two young entrepreneurs from Denmark founded Restaurant 2 Night or R2N in 2009. The concept was to attract more guest to restaurants during slow periods and offer the guest a discount on their restaurant bill.   The concept is based on “Last minute Travel” where the airlines sell tickets last minute for a reduced price to fill up empty seats. ( This  is before all the other deal sites invaded the restaurant business).
In 2010 the company had 33 restaurants today there is more than 140 restaurants to choose from, this is everything from gourmet restaurants, sushi to cafees. “R2N strive to have a variety of restaurants spread out around Copenhagen and Zealand, so there is something for every taste and budget” says Karina Holmfred, Sales & Marketing Manager of R2N.
You can download the App from App Store or Google PLay. In 2011, R2N was nominated for Frederiksberg Business Award. Later that year, Entrepreneur awards was issued by Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship and Københavns Handelsstands Klub, and recognizes entrepreneurial companies with a special development and growth potential, originality and the ability to bring an idea to life.
R2N website has more than 17.000 guest reviews, and over fifty thousand people liking their page on Facebook

Visit R2N website and see a list of their partner restaurants. You will also find pictures, restaurant menu, a brief description of restaurants and read un-biased reviews from other users.
Start saving today, use R2N and dine out more. 
  • It’s easy and free to use R2N.
  • Follow these simple steps:
  • Create a profile, find a restaurant and book the table.
  • The discount will automatically de deducted from your bill