Get more customers at your restaurant ?

Are you a restaurant owner and looking for more guests during slow periods.  R2N is a great way to attract more guests and gain more visibility. The service offers the cheapest marketing and promotion in Copenhagen, there is no contract and the restaurant only pays when R2N send guests to that restaurant.

R2N Mobile App helps restaurants to attract more guests  and fill empty tables during quiet times like weekdays, lunch and other periods when its slow. R2N already have 60.000 users and growing.
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The R2N app  makes it easy to book tables last minute, and for the restaurant to attract more guests by offering a discount.
Karina Holmfred, Sales and Marketing Manager for R2N tells from her experience that “the money that people save, they spend back in the restaurant, buying a better wine, dessert or tipping the staff. The average age of our users are 38, so we now they spend more money and dine out more often”.
Some testimonials of local restaurant owners who have worked with R2N
● ”The partnership with Restaurant 2 Night costs me on average less than 10% of the revenue from the customers –it’s extremely cheap compared to my alternatives.”
● ”With R2N I am always getting 10 times more money in return for  every  penny  invested  in  the  service  because  I only pay when I get customers in the restaurant.”
How it works for owners
Any local restaurant owner from Copenhagen can join a partnership with R2N , which will help them promote their restaurant on R2N’s mobile apps and homepage. Gain great visibility on  social media channels and via their newsletter.
As a restaurant owner you have full control over how much discount and at what times you wish to offer tables. It is relevant for many restaurants to have more guests in the weekdays and during lunch, when most restaurants are quite empty. “People attract people, no one want to sit in a empty restaurant, so another reason to attract more guests” says Karina.
The restaurant can always customize their offer and during busy periods not offer any tables. The restaurant pays R2N a small commission for each booking regardless of how much the guest spend.