Mexican innovation center to invest 3 mln SEK to an incubator in Kristianstad

Research park and incubator Krinova in Kristianstad will build an innovation center in the Mexican city of Matamoros. The investment of three million SEK will bolster the continue strengthening cooperation, that will also help Skåne companies to establish operations in Mexico.

Matamoros is a city of Mexico country with nearly one million inhabitants located on the river Rio Grande. On the river’s opposite bank is the US city of Brownsville.

– The reason that they came to us was that they pointed out the Öresund region as an innovation region and Matamoros – Kristianstad has many points in common in terms of profile and cities, Charlotte Lorentz Hjorth, CEO of Krinova told News Øresund

– They have a smaller university just like we have in Kristianstad. Primary production is large and with the Rio Grande even water. So it suits them very good that we have it. Food, environment and health are common areas and the like into the processing and food. Therefore we were picked out, adds Charlotte Lorentz Hjorth.

Mexico looking towards the world

Mexico is looking to make new partnerships outside the North America continent amid current political situation.

Four and a half years ago, a Mexican delegation for the first time visited Kristianstad to see how a possible collaboration could look like. It eventually led to Krinova, as consultants, in the spring of 2016 helped build the concept of Matamoros innovation environment.

Now, there are 117 companies behind Matamoros Innovation Center, of which 40 are included on Fortune Magazine’s list of the world’s 500 most profitable companies.

– Now we will continue to build our processes and methods. They buy the innovation of our services. At the same time we create a synergy bridge our businesses so that they can establish themselves in Mexico. The fund may also invest in it, says Charlotte Lorentz Hjorth.

Science Park

Parallel Krinova helps to build a science park just outside Matamoros neighboring town Brownsville, and two major research parks in Morocco, which will soon be completed. Between all the different initiatives, the main purpose is to develop collaboration bridges between Greater Copenhagen region and Matamoros region that is sustainable in the future.

Fact: Krinova

Research Park and Incubator Krinova in Kristianstad, with profile areas of food, environment and health, houses more than 90 companies.

Krinova was founded in 1998 and is owned by the Municipality of Kristianstad and Kristianstad