Decline of 2.2 mln commuters over the Øresund Bridge since the border controls

The number of train passengers who travel Øresund between Denmark and Sweden has fallen by 2.2 million since the border and identity checks between countries were introduced, last year.

Danish Transport Minister Ole Birk Olesen (LA) said to the Danish Parliament.

Parliamentary session

Danish Transport Minister shared the statistics after a question from a Member of the Parliament asked about DSB status.

The Danish Transport Minister Ole Birk Olesen quoted the Danish rail company DSB statistics on traffic across the Øresund bridge after the introduction of border and identity checks between Denmark and Sweden.

DSB Statistics

DSB stated in its press release on March 1, 2017 that the number of passengers decreased by 2.2 million, corresponding to approximately 12 percent since border controls were introduced back in November 12, 2015 and ID checks 4 January 2016.

DSB note that they can not demonstrate that the entire decline is due to the introduction of border controls.