Record high population growth in Malmo

The number of inhabitants in Malmö during 2016 grows by 1.8 percent, or 5,920 new inhabitants living in the city. The main reason behind high population growth attributes to rising immigration and newborn babies show statistics from Statistiska Centralbyrån.

Population growth in 2016 is exceptional. Except for 2009, the highest growth since 1969, says Peter Karpestam, community strategist at City of Malmö. The 5,920 corresponds to a population growth of 1.8 percent.

Population trends

Malmö has always had the influx of immigrants coming from all over the world, however recently some trends suggests that certain population groups are leaving this town more than they are arriving. According to Sydsvenskan, Danes moved to Malmö in 2016 were 1.040 compared 1,510 who moved out of town.

By the end of 2016, the total population in Malmö is 328,000. The southern Swedish town has enjoyed sustained high population growth in recent years. In 10 years there has 52,000 more inhabitants as per statistics from Statistiska Centralbyrån.

Population trends within Greater Copenhagen region

It is not only Malmö which is growing in the Greater Copenhagen region. All major cities in the region are growing strongly.

Copenhagen got 11,000 more inhabitants in 2016, representing a growth of 1.9 percent; Helsingborg grew by 2,638 people (1.9 percent) and Lund got 1,708 more inhabitants (1.5 percent). The population of the entire Greater Copenhagen region increased by 1.1 percent and expected to surpass the 4 million inhabitants at the end of 2017.