Bornholm tops growth league in Denmark

Bornholm Municipality is booming, or at least it is according to the increase in its GDP over the last decade.

Between 2008 to 2015, it rose by 10.7 percent – the highest rate in Denmark, according to an analysis by Momentum based on figures from Statistics Denmark.

Thanks Folkemødet!
The analysis attributed part of the growth to Folkemødet, a ‘political Roskilde Festival’ similar to the Almedal Sveckan event arranged in Sweden, which has been held on the island every summer since 2011.

“Bornholm has fared quite well in recent years, and I believe this is partly due to the island being good at marketing themselves as something other than a sparsely populated area that we should feel sorry for,” Steen Bocian, a chief economist at Dansk Erhverv, told @@@.

“We can see that Bornholm has a fairly strong position in the areas of specialised food, fine dining and adventure tourism, and Folkemødet has undoubtedly been an effective platform when it comes to selling the message of Bornholm’s strengths.”

In recent years, more people have started moving to the island, and the unemployment rate is currently just 3.7 percent.