Scania’s private sector continues to invest in solar energies

Interest in solar cells is growing rapidly in Scania. The overall capacity of the region increased by 75 percent last year.

Solar Region Skåne, a non-profit organisation, estimates that annual production will provide enough electricity for 4,200 families.

Across the board
“We see that homeowners, farmers and large businesses are investing in solar cells,” said Johan Nyqvist, the head of Solar Region Skåne, in a press release .

Solar Region Skåne is a nonprofit organisation formed in 2007 by the City of Malmö, Skåne Energy Agency and Lund University.

Solar Park in Helsingborg
Earlier this month, Helsingborg inaugurated ‘Solar Park’, a business association of which both individuals and businesses can become members and shareholders.

The association has already got 250 individuals and 15 companies as partners.