Move2Change: Mobilizing jobs from academia to industry

Denmark is one of the countries that have invested highly on research studies in the past decade. In 2013, total number of students completing their doctorate studies were 9.6 thousand, according to one EU stats. However mobilizing highly qualified graduates to various industry in Denmark is difficult for both employers and job seekers.


Two international researchers namely, Carlotta Marasini from the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) and Claudia Caviglia from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) started an organization, ‘Move2Change‘. The organization is located in Copenhagen area that organizes workshops, events, and networking opportunities for researchers, doctorates, and young scientists with interest in pursuing their career path in Denmark.

The foundation was laid down in the small living room of Carlotta and Claudia shared flat in the center of Copenhagen last year, and have conducted numerous events at the city ever since to help bridge the gap between academia and industry in Greater Copenhagen.

Guidance & Counseling

Move2Change platform aims to inspire and connect people, and share their experiences on finding their path in Danish labor market.

Career events organized by Move2Change provides a general overview of industry, including trends and possible career paths.

Professionals and young graduates who are looking for jobs have similar frustrations in answering questions, like,

What does that job actually entail?
What does a company want?
How can we recycle our skills?
How can we apply for such position if we don’t know anyone from inside?
How can we get a job without experience if we need experience for getting a job?

Carlotta and Claudia have deeply realized that all what is needed was just an event where they could have the possibility to meet someone who once was a job seeker and managed to move from academia to industry in their field of interests.

“An event where we could have an overview of the work scenario and get tips about how to write a no-scientific CV. An event where we could finally increase our network outside academia”, the founders of Move2Change told Greater CPH POST.

The add that, “we knew exactly what we needed, we just couldn’t find anything like this.
Then the idea: why don’t we do it?
Three days later Move2Change was founded”.

Dress Up Your Success- The Consulting World

On 30 March, Move2Change hosted their third event of the series, ‘Dress Up Your Success’. This time the workshop was focused on consulting industry in Copenhagen.

The organizers were glad to host six of the most prestigious consulting firms in the world: Accenture, Bain & Company, Deloitte, McKinsey & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, and Qvartz.

Each consulting group was represented by several members with strong scientific background who now work in different positions (from partners to associates). They explained the roles and activities in the current positions and each of them addressed different aspects of how to prepare for such transition. During the two networking sections, the 60 selected participants could mingle with all the consultants enjoying drinks and dinner.

Move2Change Future
Move2Change are planning more events in the future, with new innovative ways of subscription options for the audience. To check out with the latest from Move2Change visit their webpage and facebook page @move2change for further information.