Role of media in the new economy: What is it reporting ? and to whom?

Listen to the audio podcast that summarizes the working sessions for the tracks at NESI, Malaga, Spain April 2017

  • Rethinking Money: The future of banking and finance”
  • Reshaping Organizations for the common good”
  • Globalisation & Localisation: Food, energy, trade and resilient communities”
  • Learning and training for a new economy”

At NESI, a dedicated working session was arranged under the track of learning and training for new economy. “Media, social media and the new economy”

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Media has never been more misunderstood before as it is in today’s time of our history. The role of media in the past had been more controlled but more than that, more clear mediums of exchanging information. However, now with many mediums and social media having the capacity to engage on a mass level like never before, has changed economics of our societies, as with all other aspects of our lives.

The main questions that were discussed, deliberate and design systems based on,

  • Are media and social media contributing to make the new economy models more visible?
  • What role is the mainstream media playing, do they show or hide the emerging new economy?
  • What other innovative communication channels can be used to promote the new economy?

Participants had brought action plans and networked to develop connections in sharing more information about their communities, media applications and local initiatives for developing innovative ways to flourish a new values-based economy.