NESI: Global Hub for the Common Good


  • Listen to the full audio podcast with Diego Isabel La Moneda: Director New Economy & Social Innovation Global Forum (NESI).

Greater CPH Post had the pleasure to talk with the Director New Economy & Social Innovation Global Forum (NESI), Diego Isabel La Moneda at the New Social Economy Innovation conference recently held at Malaga, Spain.

NESI Forum 2017 is a Global Forum on New Economy and Social Innovation that brings together for the first time in history the main international representatives of the so-called New Economic Movements (NEMs). NESI Forum is supported by Ayuntamiento de Málaga and Diputación de Málaga, and a wide range of organizations and networks working together for a New Economy.

Diego Isabel La Moneda is a very energetic and great inspiration to his peers and the wider community around Spain. He defines himself as a social entrepreneur and a change-maker. He is specialised in new economics, social and political innovation, sustainable development and business management and he has long experience working both with private companies, public institutions and governments.

Among his achievements on his contribution for International Expansion of the “Economy for the Common Good”, he has also written books like “Yo Soy Tú: Propuesta para una Nueva Sociedad” (Octaedro, 2013), co-author of “Dentro de 15 años” (Lid, 2014).

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