NESI: Looking forward

The New Economy and Social Innovation Forum closes its first international event held in Malaga, Spain in April 2017 with 94 proposals to build a fairer and more ethical economic system.

  • Over 700 people from 43 countries participated in this international event
  • Local institutions committed to promoting social innovation to boost development in urban and rural areas In Málaga, on 24th April 2017.

Representatives from the new economy movements contributed to NESI Forum and sent a clear message to the world: economy needs to become more participatory, plural and inclusive. Some of the prominent names that were present were,

  • Christian Felber, founder of the Economy for the Common Good movement, which focuses on how companies can contribute towards people’s well-being;
  • Gunter Pauli, creator fo the concept of Blue Economy, that believes in creating links between nature and economy to reduce our actions’ impact on the environment; and
  • Tessa Wernink, co-founder of Fairphone, the first smartphone with values,

Action Plans

94 proposals that emerged as actions plans were extracted from four tracks:

  • Ethical banking,
  • Sustainability,
  • Organisations and
  • Education.

In addition to these proposals, many ideas and future meetings came up to build systems that brings more inclusiveness among various economic classes around the world.  In addition technology and expansion should be people based rather than profit oriented.

The promotion of circular economy through education, and the remuneration of voluntary work was supported by local actors in Malaga during the conference and expressed international collaboration in their effort to make a lasting and sustainable changes from policy to project impacting social good on ground.

  • Rafael Ventura, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Málaga, highlighted the role of the university as a driver of change:
  • Elías Bendodo, president of Málaga’s Regional Council, “to ensure all the citizens have the same opportunities”. He also reflected on the positive and negative impacts of tourism in the region of Malaga and invited companies from around the world to bring ideas in the sustainable development of Andalusian territories, that helps them to be committed to the promotion of a Sustainable Tourism Forum in Malaga.
  • Julio Andrade, Councillor for the Participation from the Málaga City Council promised he would promote civic participation in local decision making and ensured the council would take ethical criteria into account when looking for public services suppliers: “We need to create new spaces of dialogue so that innovative enterprises have access to capital to fund their projects”.

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