What is New about the “New Economy”

Going forward 2017, when the purpose of our economic relation is to serve people and the planet, that is the “new” thing behind the term ‘new economy’. “The new economy that the world needs is based not only on technology but on values, “, which calls for going beyond the logic of the market and building an economic model “integrated into social and ecological systems” And founded on “justice, solidarity, equality, autonomy and collaboration.”

The Belgium origin, Gunter Pauli, founder of the concept of “blue economy” said with the most direct words, “today, good is expensive and bad is cheap, we have to do just the opposite and for that we must change Rules of the game“.



NESI forum has brought together at least 94 proposals to work or collaborate with communities and startups around the world, and especially from Scandinavia, including Denmark and Sweden to engage and create synergies which supports mutually and enhances the work for sustainable ecosystems around food, transport and energy sectors.


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