Post 21st century societies –

What will be our world by 2030? Post 21st century a lot of individuals, communities and networks are working and building a great world for all of us together, that puts people before any materialistic, technological or cultural priority.

At NESI Forum, some of the speakers that brings a wealth of experiences and their contribution to make the world a more sustainable, happy and peaceful are briefly described below, for readers and users to seek like minded interests and opportunities to connect with them or learn from them.

Transition Network Spain

Juan del Río is cofounder and coordinator of Red de Transición.  He focuses his work on promoting new models of sustainable living and local resilience. More information: Juan del Río, one of the great agitator of the Transition Network,  Málaga the latest news of the movement (2,000 groups in more than 50 countries) that stresses the “resilience” of local communities in such basic chapters as food, energy, urban agriculture or complementary currencies.

New Economy strategist

Cylvia Hayes is an award winning New Economy strategist known for speaking truth to power. While serving as First Lady of Oregon Cylvia, her mission is to do her best to accelerate the transition to an economy that is environmentally restorative and provides opportunities for people to prosper regardless of income, ethnicity or gender. She is founder and CEO of 3EStrategies, a new economy consulting firm. She is gifted speaker and writer including publication in Huffington Post, Grist, Green + Solar Building and others.

Positive Money

David Clarke is a Policy and Advocacy Adviser at “Positive Money” British organisation which defends a monetary system which is democratic and sustainable. The organization has more than 30.000 followers in the United Kingdom and is networked with more than 20 organizations across the World, including Spain.

REconomy Project

Jay Tompt is a co-founding member and coordinator of the Totnes REconomy Project, a citizen-led initiative developing new models for economic regeneration, such as the Local Entreprenuer Forum and REconomy Centre. He co-created the Local Economic Blueprint course and handbook for the Transition Network’s REconomy Project.

New Economics Foundation

Laurie Macfarlane is a Senior Economist at the New Economics Foundation, a think tank based in London. He leads the Foundation’s financial reform program which aims to promote a diverse and resilient financial system that aligns with the long term interests of society. He has authored a number of reports on banking reform, monetary policy and housing, and is the co-author of the new book ‘Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing’ which explores the links between housing, the financial system and inequality.

Initiatives of Change (IofC)

Rishabh Khanna, Sweden, has degrees in Economic Development, Environmental Legislation and Management, and International Law and Diplomacy. He is passionate about bringing harmony to social and ecological systems. With Initiatives of Change (IofC) Sweden, Rishab has had the opportunity to co-design a peace and development programme in Somalia, funded by SIDA (Swedish development agency), and has delivered a program of social cohesion in a suburb of Stockholm, called Hope in Jarva.

Post Growth Institute

Jennifer Hinton is co-author of the forthcoming book, How on Earth: Flourishing in a Not-for-Profit World, and is a co-director of the Post Growth Institute, a global network of researchers and activists seeking pathways beyond the growth-based economic system. She is currently doing work with an EU-funded project called AdaptEcon: Adapting to a new economic reality. In all her work, Jen seeks to bridge activism, research, and business in order to co-create a brighter future for humanity.

Schumacher College

Jonathan Dawson is a sustainability educator, currently working as Head of Economics at Schumacher College in Devon. Until recently a long-term resident at the Findhorn ecovillage and a former President of the Global Ecovillage Network, he has around 20 years experience as a researcher, author, consultant and project manager in the field of small enterprise development in Africa and South Asia.

Upstream Podcast & Schumacher College

Della Duncan is an economic advisor, teacher, and broadcast journalist. Della currently convenes courses for the Economics for Transition, Ecology and Spirituality, and Right Livelihood programmes at Schumacher college, facilitates The Work that Reconnects workshops and retreats, and is a co-producer for Upstream, a podcast exploring New Economics stories and initiatives around the world.

Network of Wellbeing

Florence Scialom is currently the Communications Manager at the Network of Wellbeing. Through this role, she aims to inspire and engage people to explore what the world could look like if we put the wellbeing of people and planet before GDP and profit. Florence has also previously held communications roles at non-profit organisations such as FrontlineSMS and the Centre for Global Equality.


Francesca Pick is a project manager, writer and speaker that works on how tech can change business, society and human interaction. She has played an instrumental role in developing since 2012 OuiShare, an international leader in the collaborative economy field developed in 25 countries in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, with a network of expert “Connectors” engage over 2000 members and contributors worldwide.


The Democracy Collaborative

Sarah McKinley is Manager of Community Development Programs for The Democracy Collaborative. She manages a multi-year initiative assisting five organizations in American indigenous communities to create social enterprises and employee-owned companies. She currently resides in Brussels, Belgium where she is working remotely and exploring new partnership opportunities in Europe.

Social Economy Europe

Juan Antonio Pedreño is the President of Social Economy Europe (SEE), CEPES (Spanish Business Confederation of the Social Economy), COCETA (Spanish Worker Co-operatives Confederation), UCOMUR (Murcia’s Region Worker Co-operatives) and UCOERM (Murcia’s Region Worker Co-operatives in the education sector).

Rethinking Economics

Yuan Yang, a correspondent of Finantial Times in China and co-founder of Rethinking Economics, an international network of students, academics and professionals building a better economics in society and the classrooms