Looking Back to NESI Forum @ Malaga, Spain in April 2017

NESI Forum 2017 held in Malaga, Spain was a Global Forum on New Economy and Social Innovation which enabled to start the process of co-creating the narrative that brings together for the first time in history the main international representatives of the so-called New Economic Movements (NEMs).

It started with presenting keynote speakers and introduction about the journey which begins with seven hundred people gathered from over 40 countries

It included people from distant geography to share their best practices and experiences into the NESI forum.

A collective spoken bond was created that emerged as the charter of NESI Forum


The participants, speakers, media socializing with locals and reflecting on the history and discussing insights for the future of our collective livelihood.


We got in groups and worked on finding solutions to our shared challenges.


We celebrated our successes


We brought new insights on going forward together to build our new economy based on people and planet.



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