Co-creating the narrative for the new economy @Malaga during #NESIforum

During April 2017, Global hub for common good in Spain arranged an international conference at Málaga in which over 700 people, 60 speakers and 80 facilitators from 43 countries worked on creating 94 proposals in three days.

These proposals are about building a fairer and more ethical economic system that puts people first. That was the main outcome of the first New Economy and Social Innovation Global Forum.

To read more about the proposals click here to read the pdf

The NESI Charter, during the event the NESI charter was collaboratively shared to the community that advocates a rights and values-based economic system as the only way to eradicate global issues such as wars, forced migration and resource competition.

The document has been co-created by over 600 citizens and representatives from new economy movements from all over the world.

“The goal and the purpose of the economy are to serve people and the planet and, in order to achieve this, we need a rights and values-led system where justice, solidarity, sustainability, equality, autonomy and collaboration are at its centre”.

This statement, which has been co-written and signed by representatives from new economy movements worldwide, is based on an international research conducted by D-Lab, the University of Barcelona and NESI Forum during the second half of 2016 and up to February 2017. Data was collected through an online survey and several workshops about the goals and values ​​that should govern a new economy with the contribution of 600 people from 35 countries.

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