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Economics of Happiness  Listen to the full audio podcast with Kristen Steele: Local Futures. International Alliance for Localisation (IAL). The feature video is taken from Local Futures Organization’s website Greater CPH Post had the pleasure to talk with the Associate Programmes Director, Local Futures. International Alliance for Localisation

Building trust and personal development for the new economy  Listen to the full audio podcast with Christiaan Groen: Trainer for Initiatives of Change in The Netherlands. Recognizing that it will take more than human reason and ability to solve the problems of the world, Initiative of Change platform places the search for inner

Role of media in the new economy: What is it reporting ? and to whom? to the audio podcast that summarizes the working sessions for the tracks at NESI, Malaga, Spain April 2017 Rethinking Money: The future of banking and finance” Reshaping Organizations for the common good” Globalisation & Localisation: Food, energy, trade and resilient communities” Learning and training for a

Blue Economy – Gunter Pauli

Gunter Pauli, founder and President of Fundación ZERI (Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives) and creator of the Blue Economy, concept launched in his book “The Blue Economy”, translated into 30 languages and adopted as its own document by the Club of Rome; was one of

Move2Change: Mobilizing jobs from academia to industry

Denmark is one of the countries that have invested highly on research studies in the past decade. In 2013, total number of students completing their doctorate studies were 9.6 thousand, according to one EU stats. However mobilizing highly qualified graduates to various industry in Denmark is difficult

What is the future of political parties?

What is the future of political parties in Europe and specifically in Denmark in the backdrop of U.K’s exit from European Union in next two years. Niko Grünfeld, member of Alternativet party in Denmark talks to Greater CPH POST about the upcoming challenges and opportunities

Our Way Forward

After having visited the whole continent, from North to South, Alejandro Medina (Mexico) and Jacobo Castellanos (Ecuadpor), launch the documentary “America Latina en Movimiento” (Our Way Forward). This video piece uses the voices of politicians, academics, activists and the general public to reflect on the