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CopenX 2016 VR/AR

CopenX – Explore the possibilities and opportunities of Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR/AR) with the leading minds in science, business, technology and media. The main emphasis of the CopenX Summit is exploring how the technology will impact existing businesses, social and cultural structures. 2

A look on local Swedish musicians

Dumheten – “och bara låta” Dumheten starts out in free, improvised music, but quickly moves on into a sound closer to pop music. With trombone, sax, vocals and piano, the music is full of air and hopes, whispers and dreams. The band members of Dumheten are: Cornelia

DreamHack in Malmö 2016

Global Offensive featuring 16 top tier teams competing for $250,000 in prizes. The competition will feature the top-8 playoffs in Malmö Arena