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Move2Change: Mobilizing jobs from academia to industry

Denmark is one of the countries that have invested highly on research studies in the past decade. In 2013, total number of students completing their doctorate studies were 9.6 thousand, according to one EU stats. However mobilizing highly qualified graduates to various industry in Denmark is difficult

What is the future of political parties?

What is the future of political parties in Europe and specifically in Denmark in the backdrop of U.K’s exit from European Union in next two years. Niko Grünfeld, member of Alternativet party in Denmark talks to Greater CPH POST about the upcoming challenges and opportunities

Crowdfunding: Mexican Cacao to Copenhagen

Emiliano’s Cacao is a social business based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company is trading directly with farmers in Mexico to bring more transparency and ethical behavior into the cocoa industry. The bi-product of their work is high quality hot Mexican chocolate powder. Named, Emiliano’s Cacao. Your support is

Get your dream job

Get your dream job is a meetup in Copenhagen organized by NemCV– an organization aims to help new expats, graduates and job seeker to find their best possible livelihood around Denmark and Copenhagen. Meetup The meetup is regularly organized at central library of Copenhagen near Norreport.

Edible insect food product stakeholders form community

It is a testament to the forward-thinking nature of the population of Greater Copenhagen that startups frequently choose the region to test new and innovative products for local and international markets. Sustainable, environmentally clean food solutions such as edible insects is one such example. Insekt KBH

What is it like to Move & Work at Malmö

As a dynamic and multicultural city, Malmö provides many career prospects for expatriates. Finding a job in Malmö can be quite difficult, but not impossible. Indeed, Malmö is one of Scandinavia’s first heavily industrialized cities. It has greatly developed, during the past era, especially in

Life for Internationals in Greater Copenhagen

An idea put forward by Denmark of rebranding the southern Swedish region of Skåne as Greater Copenhagen has many opportunities for internationals and even greater incentives for locals living around the region. Denmark wants to integrate Skåne to its eastern territories as “Greater Copenhagen” to better compete with