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Sweden praised for equality in OECD’s latest report

OECD latest report on Sweden’s economic situation has a special focus on equality and gender equality. OECD expresses clear support for the Government’s fiscal policy. The report concludes that the economy is growing strongly due to an expanding labor force and rising investments. OECD underlines that the Government is

Holocaust Remembrance Day @Malmö on January 27

Every year on 27 January Sweden and Malmö pays tribute to the victims of the Holocaust, the day of the extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated in 1945 the UN declared the day as International Day in 2005, and in Sweden there has been a national

Co-create an “Impact-Kiosk” for the Global Goals

Together, “makers4humanity” unite enough open knowledge and creativity, decentral experience and interdisciplinary concepts, an universal humanitarian mindset and motivation and the technical tools to collaborate effectively on “glocal” actions. This Challenge is about prototyping a co-creative tool, method and concept for a decentralized campaign to

How the world celebrated 2017

From Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to Brexit and Aleppo to the deaths of beloved celebrities and iconic musicians, 2016 has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many. Can 2017 redeem any of that past? The world sure hopes so.

City Fatima a beautiful European city

Portugal: Lisbon city trip provided me with an opportunity to see unforgettable places, the town of Fatima is one of them. My host and guide Aslam and his friend brought me to this city, which is an half hour drive from Lisbon. I was told

Watch U.S Elections 2016 with Danish Politicians

Danish Social Democratic Party organizes an event for watching live 2016 U.S Presidential and Congressional elections on Election Night, November 8th starting at 8 PM at VEGA in Copenhagen. The event runs until 8 AM the following morning. The Danish Social Democratic Party is hosting this