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Record high population growth in Malmo

The number of inhabitants in Malmö during 2016 grows by 1.8 percent, or 5,920 new inhabitants living in the city. The main reason behind high population growth attributes to rising immigration and newborn babies show statistics from Statistiska Centralbyrån. Population growth in 2016 is exceptional. Except for 2009,

Copenhagen and Malmö continue to weigh up possible Metro link

Malmö will continue exploring opportunities together with Copenhagen to build a subway under the Øresund, the so-called Øresund Metro. The possibility of a Metro line between the cities has been on the table since January 2012. Its impact on social development, the possibility of linking it to the

Fewer Danes moving to southern Sweden

Fewer Danes are moving to Scania compared to last winter despite an attractive exchange rate and rising Danish house prices making it more beneficial to move to southern Sweden, reports News Øresund. However, it is too early to say whether the border controls introduced in January 2016 are

Get more customers at your restaurant ?

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Sweden praised for equality in OECD’s latest report

OECD latest report on Sweden’s economic situation has a special focus on equality and gender equality. OECD expresses clear support for the Government’s fiscal policy. The report concludes that the economy is growing strongly due to an expanding labor force and rising investments. OECD underlines that the Government is