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Payments giants see headwinds affecting travel in 2017

Given conflicting reports across the travel industry, it’s hard to tell whether 2017 will end up as another global growth year for international travel or will represent a slowdown based on currency headwinds and the emergence of isolationist policies in North America and Europe. On

14 injured in ‘biggest accident’ on Öresund Bridge

The Öresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark was closed on Wednesday morning after at least ten cars were involved in what has been described as the biggest accident on the crossing since it opened 17 years ago. “We characterize it as the biggest accident until

Anthropologist: The brain controls your love life

Our choice of partners is not done randomly. It is the brain that control, says the American anthropologist and love researcher Helen Fisher. Helen Fisher is a biological anthropologist, and perhaps one of the scientists in the world who has published most material about infatuation