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Record number of immigrants becomes Swedish citizens

Over sixty thousand immigrants became Swedish citizens in 2016, which is an increase of 25 percent from the previous year. Exactly 60,343 foreign born became Swedish citizens, which is the highest number in one year. This has crossed the one million mark, according to the

Scania’s private sector continues to invest in solar energies

Interest in solar cells is growing rapidly in Scania. The overall capacity of the region increased by 75 percent last year. Solar Region Skåne, a non-profit organisation, estimates that annual production will provide enough electricity for 4,200 families. Across the board “We see that homeowners, farmers

Record high population growth in Malmo

The number of inhabitants in Malmö during 2016 grows by 1.8 percent, or 5,920 new inhabitants living in the city. The main reason behind high population growth attributes to rising immigration and newborn babies show statistics from Statistiska Centralbyrån. Population growth in 2016 is exceptional. Except for 2009,

Sweden praised for equality in OECD’s latest report

OECD latest report on Sweden’s economic situation has a special focus on equality and gender equality. OECD expresses clear support for the Government’s fiscal policy. The report concludes that the economy is growing strongly due to an expanding labor force and rising investments. OECD underlines that the Government is