Editorial Policies of Greater CPH Post

Greater CPH Post is the startup online news media platform from The Copenhagen Post for everything journalism will become around Greater Copenhagen. Real time information, commentary, analysis and opinion are collaboratively provided by trusted individuals around Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Using the power of the internet to distribute and participate within news stories.

Editorial Guidelines

Stories accepted for inclusion by Greater CPH Post are required to have useful information for internationals and expats living in Scandinavia. The content is in the sole discretion of our reporters and editors. Stories of a personal nature are published under Opinions with the authors attributions. We strictly prohibit any form of plagiarism, which is content used without any attribution or permission from the original producers of the material.  We follow the the rules of creative commons for sharing and editing others materials

Searching for open content is an important function enabled by our approach. You can use Google to search for Creative Commons content, look for pictures at Flickr, albums at Jamendo, and general media at spinxpress. The Wikimedia Commons, the multimedia repository of Wikipedia, is a core user of our licenses as well.

Contribution Guidelines:

In general stories of a length of between 200-800 words are best. Be concise and to the point and carefully choose a headline that explains what the story is about in clear terms. Who-What-When-Where-Why are good questions to ask about the story, from the viewers point of view.

Greater CPH Post and its reporters and editors don’t take any particular editorial stance. When stories move into the area of opinion, they need to be placed in the Opinion – Conservative or Opinion – Liberal categories.

Story Requirements
The first requirement is that your story must be news, commentary, analysis or opinion and placed into the appropriate category.

Carefully check for grammatical and spelling errors — check with spell check software’s. Spacing should conform to standard web article spacing with a single space between paragraphs for easy reading.

Promotional Stories
We accept promotional stories under the conditions. To prevent spam and other abuse, we have instituted a modest fee, contact our marketing team. These stories should contain interesting news and information about products or services and may include press releases and announcements regarding products that will be of interest to our viewers.

Posting Stories
To propose a story for inclusion in Greater CPH Post or its newsletters, send your stories to info@greatercphpost.dk with the heading on the subject line “Stories to contribute”. You will hear back from after your initial stories are reviewed by our editors and ready to publish. If you have promotional stories, we do accept these, (but it depends on the promotion criteria for the content to be charged for publications – contact our marketing team for more information)
Policy on Republishing Articles
Greater CPH Post will only accept news worthy, current articles published elsewhere that are of interest to our viewers and that pass our editorial review process. These stories will only be published when the express written permission of the author or originating web site has been given. If you are the author of articles suitable for any of our news categories, please submit them to the site directly and they will be moderated by a reporter or editor.
Viewing the News
Access to all stories online is free from any web browser or mobile phone. Our advertisers pay for this and they (and we) would appreciate it if you would visit them if you see something of interest.

Posting Comments
Comments may be posted at the site, provided they follow our rules about comments. No profanity is allowed. While you are free to express your opinion, we ask that you stay on topic and refrain from name calling, defamation and saying things that reflect badly on yourself and others. We reserve the right to remove any comments for any reason at any time. We will be instituting a user generated flagging system in the near future to allow our viewers to assist us in identifying any comments that don’t meet the conditions.