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  • Posts @ our social media produces thousands of impressions and as part of, expats over 200,000 from Denmark are weekly updated in terms of events and stories.
  • Advertisement banners on website as well as on for targeting Internationals & Expats community from Denmark, Sweden and Scandinavia.

Weekly Newsletters circulated to over 4000 subscribers

  • Receive timely and interesting updates about latest events, interviews from government and business leaders as well as latest feature stories around Greater Copenhagen at your email on a weekly basis
  • We have subscribers ranging from communities, companies, municipalities, entrepreneurs and international students who have invested their time and resources to live and work at Greater Copenhagen.

We have clients from top 20 international companies located in Denmark and Sweden

Social Media Channels of Greater Copenhagen Post and combine from facebook, twitter and instagram has over 30,000 people with over thousands of impressions for each post

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