Terms & Conditions of using Greater CPH Post

Following are the general terms and conditions by which the newspaper operates. It includes the newspaper’s attitudes toward its community and aids editors in publishing Greater CPH Post digital materials.

The Editorial team of the Copenhagen Post makes recommendations on all editorial policy decisions. The editor in chief of the Copenhagen Post serves as chairperson.

Members of the Editorial Team  includes directors of the Copenhagen Post and Editor, Sales head of Greater CPH Post for production, online content and social media.  Greater CPH Post also has a network of writers from Denmark, Sweden and the world, These articles are selected on their merits based on adequate research to demonstrate an accurate understanding of the issue.

The editor of Greater CPH Post approves the final content on Greater CPH Post. The editor is responsible to implement any policy decisions reached by the Editorial in chief or in consensus with editorial team. When determining policy the board should keep in mind the need for readers to know information, community standards and the effect the newspaper has upon the community agenda. The newspaper should strive to inform, enhance discussion of issues, and to entertain the internationals, expats, immigrants and locals from Greater Copenhagen region.

When questions of policy cannot be resolved and affects the entire organization, the issue will be forwarded to relevant authorities under Danish law and trade unions in Copenhagen.